Dancer Auditions

CHICAGO: Seeking auditions for female dancers

Looking for the female lead role for a dance music video involving projection mapping, silhouettes, and modern dance.

We are looking for a dance style similar to this (The Chemical Brothers - Wide Open ft. Beck), which will take place in a setting like this (Nosaj Thing "Eclipse/Blue"). Open to submissions from both choreographers and dancers.

Please submit a headshot, short bio, and any portfolio videos in the modern dance style to < > no later than July 31st. Once we've narrowed down our search, we will send out the song with more information and either arrange a video or an in person audition.

Compensation will be provided.


about the song

The video for the as yet unreleased song, "The Kindest Thing", depicts the final stages of a long term relationship, where the need to completely cut ties with the other person becomes the most compassionate thing to do. The dance will show the struggle of coming to terms with this reality and the playing out of the deep emotions that arise.



The video is being produced by Orel Chollette and Will Post. We are aiming to start test photography with projections in August and have the video wrapped by early fall.

Will Post is an award winning recording artist, producer, and visual artist.

Orel Chollette is a highly in demand cinematographer, photographer, and creative producer based in Chicago.



Please send submissions to < > no later than July 31st, 2018.